Android 4.4.3 Shows Up on the Galaxy S5 Prime at the Samsung Developers Website

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    For weeks we have been hearing that Google is working on Android 4.4.3, which is meant to deal with a slew of bugs. Despite the foreknowledge of its existence, we have had zero credible indication as to when it will actually come. We've even seen several indications that it is prepped and ready to go for a number of devices, from Nexus to Sony to Motorola.

    As long as it is taking though, we were beginning to wonder if Google was even going to bother launching it at all, as they are getting closer and closer to Google I/O where they will likely just announce the next version of Android. Of course, even if that does occur, we suspect the 4.4.3 interim update will still be necessary to push out, just to squash those few bugs out there for "soon-to-be-older" devices that will likely have KitKat for a while.

    That's why we were pleased to find this new tidbit of intel on the upgrade. Supposedly, the 4.4.3 update showed up on the Samsung Developers Website and running on a Galaxy S5 Prime. This would suggest the OS is ready for "prime time" and will actually arrive when Samsung releases the device later this summer. Here's a quote with the details,

    We will keep you posted!

    Source: PhoneArena
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