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    Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself.

    My name is Mike and I got my Droid this past Monday. I'm not totally new to the forum, I've been lurking for a bit while trying to concoct a scheme to get a Droid while only three months in to my latest contact (the Droid was announced a couple weeks after I got my last phone :(). Needless to say I figured out how to do it and here I am. :)
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    :icon_ banana: Hey there Mike, Welcome to DroidForums Bud :icon_ banana:

    Nice to see you join us all here @ Droid Forums Mike !!! If you look around, you will see why you haven't seen myself or that other guy you know on here much for a while. We have been, a wee bit busy here :p

    Nice to hear you finally got your DROID too !!!
    You will find just about anything you could ever want to know about it on DF !!
    I bet you are loving that thing, to bad it doesn't make Brew for ya ? But it can tell you how I bet :icon_ devil:

    Have Fun here, If you need anything, You know where to find me !!!!

    Don't be shy either, I KNOW YOU KNOW HOW TO POST :p
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    Thanks for the kind words Jim. To be honest I was looking for a brewing app already, didn't find one though. At least not an app that works with the software I usually use. :biggrin: