An Un-Crypted Crossword Review

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    There are two types of people in the world, those that enjoy crosswords and those that don’t. And, to divide things even more greatly, within that population of “crossword lovers” there are two more groups: traditional and cryptics. Traditionalists like crosswords with clues that essentially define the mystery word. Cryptics on the other hand, are obsessed with world play – a mixture of anagrams, double definitions, hidden words, and “sounds like” clues – and the path taken to uncover the answer.

    Cryptic Crossword (Paid or Lite), developed by Teazel, gives this niche of cryptic crossword lovers a solution to their obsession: a library of crosswords waiting to be solved and tackled head on. While the free version provides a handful of games (perhaps best suited to the casual or vacationing player), the paid version offers a large deposit of crosswords ranging from easy to difficult.

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