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    First, I want to thank Chevyno1 for the wonderful ROM. I've been rooted for a while and once I got my first root installed, I pretty much left the phone alone. The phone started getting corrupt, so I downloaded and tired several different ROMS and now have SS 5.1 installed and really like it. I'm trying to learn more about rooting. THANKS!

    I've read through many posts and I haven't seen many that have mentioned problems with 3rd party apps other than those included with the ROM. If this isn't supposed to be posted on this board then I do apologize.

    I have used an app called App Protect Pro by Carrot App to secure different apps that have passwords saved that I wouldn't want anyone to be able to access if they happened to pickup my phone and the screen hadn't gone off yet (or at least slow down access). With this app, I use a pattern screen but it no longer activates on this ROM.

    I contacted the dev and they said the app does work on "GINGERBREAD" and that it may be the rooted ROM causing the problem. Has anyone else used and had problems with this on the SS 5.1 ROM? Has anyone been able to get it to work? Chevyno1, any recommendations?
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