An android proposal. Requesting Android community help

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    Hello every one,

    My name is ivan and like you I am an android fanatic. And like the lucky few, i have a wonderful girl that supports and enjoys my passion in all things tech,

    Now down to business. I need your guys help. I want to propose to my gf in a special android way. I need some ideas. I've seen many things online from fake commercials in theaters to crazy Disney theatrics at Disneyland. I've even thought of paying someone to write a simple app to help with my proposal

    If any of you guys can help with an idea. Or even help make a custom theme for her rooted DX that would be great. Yes I will reward you for your help and pay/donate a reasonable amount of cash.

    Since me and my gf both like android/Google and dislike iPhone/apple I thought of making a clever android commercial that pokes fun of apple's "if you don't have an iPhone" commercial. That would be awesome.

    A little about us. I work for Verizon wireless tech support. And she is in customer service. Ask me if you have anymore questions.

    I really hope you guys will help me.

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