Amazon's New Kindle Fire Wows with Dynamic Perspective 3D

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    It turns out that fancy 3D imaging on Amazon's new Fire Phone might not be just a silly gimmick after-all. After getting a glance at what Amazon's engineers have accomplished, it appears they may be on to something as far as a useful 3D perspective is concerned. In fact, it appears that Amazon's purpose in using the 6 cameras on the front of this phone to develop a 3D image was to actually offer users a new perspective, literally.

    They wanted a multi-angle perspective which can track your head's position in relation to the phone, so that the display can dynamically adjust things like catalogs, maps, pics, information and more. The new Dynamic Perspective even uses infra-red lighting and sensors to enhance the experience in low-light conditions. The example given was an aerial view of the Empire State building. The building on a 3D grid map appeared as if it was sticking out of the phone. Furthermore, the angle you could view the building and the things behind it, changes perspective as you move it around. This could be very handy with maps to see that small Deli hidden behind the larger building.

    The perspective shift basically allows you to peek at different layers. This feature can even be used in your browser to tilt-scroll back and forth, or in catalogs to see multiple items easily. Dynamic Perspective can even be used in games to see the best angle to navigate through mazes or around obstacles and enemies.

    It seems like Amazon may have pulled off a truly functional 3D UI overlay. What do you think?

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