Amazon's Kindle Fire Gets One-Click Root Access, 3rd Party App Install, & ADB Access

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Nov 16, 2011.

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    Here is a little reminder that the new Amazon Kindle Fire officially shipped today, and even more importantly, it has already been rooted, and we have some instructions for side-loading 3rd party apps, and ADB usage!

    Updated: Our original source for this story was right here in or Kindle Fire forums, death2all110. We want to give a shout out to him as a thank you for sharing this great info. Here's a quote from his post with adb & root instructions:
    Below is another list of instructions culled from several sources to give you an exhaustive source of info.

    First, to install 3rd party apps, the process is pretty simple.
    Second, the root instructions come courtesy of XDA Developers. Here is an instruction set to root the device:
    Finally, here is the breakdown of gaining ADB (Android Debug Bridge) access so you can dig deeper into your Android device to copy files, install apps, read logs, run shell commands, and more. Here's the instructions straight from our friends over at AndroidPolice,
    Now power-users and tweakers can play to their heart's content. At $199.99, this customizable little device is starting to look pretty appealing. What do you think?

    Source: AndroidPolice, TalkAndroid, and XDA Developers
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    This is pretty cool. :) But I'm also having a bit of deja vu: last year, while rooting the Nook Color and installing ADB on my PC, I ran into some trouble getting the PC to install the right device driver -- the problem was finding the tablet in Device Manager (it was hidden in the list of USB devices), and then, each time I uninstalled the default driver, Windows would keep re-installing automatically after each time that I deleted it! :mad:

    Anyway, just wanted to note that that particular step can be challenging -- the solution is to remain calm and just plug away at it. Of course, this is DroidForums and everyone here is an Android pro!

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    This is a good thing. I don't think Amazon was really trying to stop it though which is also good.
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    I'm excited to see this happen so quickly. But, personally the Fire is not high on my list for my next "poor man tablet". It looks beautiful and it's internals are great...but that 8 gigs of storage with no expansion slot is a big let down. So if I do upgrade from my NC, it'll be to the Nook Tablet with 16 gigs on board and an expansion slot for an extra 32.

    Granted, I am way more interested in the Transformer Prime. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to drop the kind of money that's being asked for premium tablets.
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