Amazon's Arizona Cardinals All or Nothing Review

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    When I first started seeing the ad promos pop on my phone for the show I immediately thought Amazon was just looking to copy the formula of HBO's Hard Knocks and just be a fly on the wall at Arizona's football camp. Though the show is Amazon's version of Hard Knocks, they actually followed the Arizona Cardinals around the entire season from training camp until when they were bounced out of the playoffs by Carolina.

    I really like what Amazon did with the show. Though it wasn't presented any different than Hard Knocks, it provided a version that was not tied into a subscription (correction because you have to be an Amazon Prime member to view). For diehard football fans you will enjoy the show as it does a great job presenting another side to these athletes. You will find yourself cheering for various players regardless of how you may feel for the team.

    As a 49er fan the Cardinals are an enemy and I would not have a problem if the entire team's starters were on injured reserve. But after watching the show and being reminded the work and struggle these men put into trying to make the team and win, because at the end of the day these players and coaches are judged by one important win, I have a different respect for these players. At the end of the day only the fans are loyal to one team, the player are looking to put food on the table and are going to whatever team is willing to hire them. That don't make them an enemy, just a man looking for work. It's the tough nature of the business that is portrayed masterfully in this piece.

    If you have Amazon Prime I encourage you give the show a look, especially if you like HBO Hard Knocks. I even found myself at one point almost wanting to cheer for the Cardinals when they played my niners, then I realized that would have been blasphemy. NFL Films did such a good job capturing these men and showing fathers, sons, second chance players, and rookies making the team to where you realize that there is a bigger picture of what goes on in the locker rooms other than what we see portrayed during a 60 minute game.

    Well done Amazon and I hope not only they do more but maybe we get Netflix to join in the mix.