Amazon is Launching New Games to Take Advantage of Fire Phone's Unique Features

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    Amazon released their new Fire Phone, and most of the hard-core Android community voiced a collective "meh." Despite the "mediocre-ness" of the device, it does have some truly outstanding features. The main draw is the 3D movement afforded by the phone's six cameras.

    The Fire Phone will hit store shelves on July 25th, and Amazon wanted to make sure we were aware that there will be some games available immediately at launch which will take advantage of these unique features. We aren't sure how the new movement capabilities of the device will play out in these games, but here's what Amazon revealed.

    To-Fu Fury is a platform-style game whose main character is a ninja tofu. (Who comes up with this stuff?) Here's a video for that game:

    The second game is called Saber’s Edge and involves more strategic play in a pirate themed setting. Here's a trailer for it:

    Both games are already available for $1.99 on the Amazon Game Store: Amazon Games
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    I wonder if you have to have a fire phone for them to work? I don't know why it would have to be just the fire phone.... I mean to do the lean around looking they are touting they are just using the Phones Acceleramator.