Amazon Denies it is Working on a Smartphone At All

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    At the end of last week a new rumor hit the web regarding Amazon's supposed Android smartphone. The rumor suggested that not only was Amazon working on an Android smartphone, they were planning on offering it for FREE. Although we have previously reported rumors regarding a smartphone from Amazon, we didn't place much credence in this one and didn't report it because a FREE smartphone seems dubious at best. We wanted to find additional intel to back up this first report.

    As it turns out we were right to be cautious. Not only is Amazon NOT working on a FREE smartphone, they came forward yesterday categorically denying they plan to bring out a smartphone at all this year. They also made it clear that even if they were working on a smartphone, they wouldn't offer it for free. Here's a quote with a statement from them,

    This is actually the first time Amazon has even responded to reports they are working on a smartphone. While it is obviously sad news for some folks that Amazon isn't working on a smartphone for this year (let a lone a free one), their statement does leave a small window open. They didn't deny they were working on a phone, just that it would not be coming this year. We will continue to keep an eye on this and report anything we find, but in the mean-time, don't hold out hope we will see an Amazon smartphone anytime this year.

    Source: WSJ via Kindle-FireForum
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