Amazing price for the Jumper EZpad 6 2 in 1Tablet PC

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    This week the new Jumper EZpad 6 2 in 1 Tablet PC online at our shop, now we give a big discount for the first 150 orders.
    Here is the details about how to get that deal:
    1.First 50 Units--sell at $179.99
    From Dec 12, if you go to and if you are lucky enough to place the order of the first 50, you can get that tablet just at the price of $179.99
    2. Next 100 Units--sell at
    If your order do not fall into the first 50, do not worry you still can get a low price at $189.99 if your order fall into the first 51 too 150.

    By the way, here are another good coupons for you all!
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