Amazing Android Numbers and Milestones

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    I know that many of you guys are excited about Android - know the feeling. :D I love my Thunderbolt (few complaints, really!) and the freedom that Android provides.

    I launched a free iPhone Law Dictionary / Guide app at iTunes during July 2010. Since that time I've exceeded 50,000 downloads, thankfully to kind reviews.

    Several months later (I believe December 2010), we launched the Law Guide & Dictionary App for Android. Despite the Android app release being five months behind, I'm actually approaching 100,000 downloads for this app alone!!! :D I'll be launching the new version (more legal definitions, some fixes) which I'm sure will get us there quickly.

    I can't speak to all the factors one must take into account when comparing platforms but the huge growth spurt I've experienced is very exciting. I hoped to share some encouraging words and results with my fellow members, veteran developers and those of you who are new and wondering about development for the Android Market. Just do it! :)
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