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    I recently sent my mom an email which totally confused her, because what I wrote was not in the email at all. In the email was an old email from me to her from 3 months prior, appearing in every way as though I had just sent it. I wrote and sent the email (that she never received) at the same time that she received the confusing old one, and when I checked my sent box, sure enough, it had the email from May instead of the one I just wrote. I was planning on going to Verizon as soon as I have a day I can get there. Then yesterday I wondered why a client was not responding to an email of mine. I looked in my sent box in my Droid, and what I wrote was not there. In place of it, there were three sets of two letters each, which may have been some very old abbreviated note to myself. I emailed her and inquired. She forwarded to me what I had sent her, but in her email, what she forwarded was much more than the 6 letters. After the letters, there was first a goofy comment that my husband once emailed me, then a quotation from the bottom of one of his emails, then something with an email date from May 3rd including a note to myself to cancel an appt asap which I think I once emailed to myself as a reminder. This is not only an odd combination of parts of mine and others' emails, but it has nothing to do with what I had written to her, which was a simple short note with nothing else. I am horrified, as this client hardly knew me and now she seems to have washed her hands of me. I also wonder how many others received who knows what from me. Can anyone tell me what is going on? :icon_evil:
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