ALMOST DROIDED PRO member to be:)

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    Looking at upgrading to the Droid Pro for business/fun and saw a concern on low battery life...something that would need to be fixed to run comparably to the bberry for work....any new releases?dancedroid
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    welcome to the forum!! there's plenty of info in here, and even more friendly people willing to help and share ideas. jump in, browse around, and don't be afraid to join in the discussions and ask questions.

    as for your specific issue, i would recommend looking around in our separate Droid Pro section. moreover, at this point, there are some monster phones on the horizon for release (most notably the TBolt and Bionic). personally, i would wait just a few more weeks and look at the new phones before making a decision. :)
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    Thanks an d I'll check out new devices as they are announced!

    I will look at the new devices when they are released..trying to be patient...bbery is dying. but will get it replaced on warranty then droid up.