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    Okay we finally made the leap from a flip phone to the Ally.
    Boy, are we having problems.
    We’re just about ready to scrap it and go back to the flip phone.
    Here are our problems – hopefully some of you have some ideas on how we can solve them.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. We can only make 1 or 2 calls before the phone locks up, won't end the call and we have to cycle power to reset it. This makes the phone virtually unusable as a phone.
    2. Battery runs down while the phone is barely used. One call in the morning and one in the afternoon and the battery is virtually dead. The rest of the day the phone is setting idle. We tried stopping services and that helps, but they just start back up by themselves when we aren't using the phone and whenever we reboot the phone they’re right back again.
    3. We typically shut the phone down at night and let our calls go to voice mail. Unfortunately we also charge the phone at night, and once you plug the phone in, it turns itself on and will not power down as long as it is plugged in. This is just weird.
    4. Verizon Voicemail does not end a call properly. Occasionally, while driving, we will call voice mail and not realize it. We set the phone down and don’t hear Verizon repeatedly asking for our password. After a few times Verizon gives up and terminates the call. Unfortunately our phone doesn’t recognize that the call has ended and locks up. At this point you can push the button to end the call but nothing happens – the phone thinks that the call is still in progress. The only solution is to reboot the phone.
    5. Can’t see the screen while you are on a call. The screen blanks after a few seconds and you have to do something on the screen to get it to reappear enough so that you can see the screen and either mute, go to speaker, or end the call (if you can end it that is). This is definitely not a phone to be used by one hand.

    In general the phone is fun to use and the keyboard is a big plus, but as a phone it has serious human engineering problems. From the other posts I see on this forum and others the OS is very unstable, buggy, and not user friendly. Unfortunately the only other option I see out there is the iPhone and it only has a virtual keyboard which is why we have the Ally.

    If we can’t get past these problems soon we will have to ditch it for a phone that works as a phone. It would be nice to have all the other features that the Ally provides, but not if we can’t use it as a phone.

    Please help.

    -- D
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