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    Recently upgraded to a Droid from a BB 8330 Curve that I simply couldn't type on. Don't want to get into the "what's wrong with the BB" thing but it didn't work for me.

    While I'm at the VZ Store, not knowing any better, I told the VZ rep I needed a case for the Droid. She obviously didn't make the connection to the BB 8330 Case I have and I showed it to her, telling her I really wanted something like "this" and that it MUST 1) fit close to the body, 2) rotate horz/vert., 3) protect the screen.

    She was great and I'm certain it was an oversight because she brought out a shell case/holster. Looked good to me and I bought it. That was Friday. Today I finally decided that didn't work for me. 1) more difficult to get the phone sitting in the car and from under a jacket 2) with the shell on, the on/off button was hard to access 3) the shell makes the phone thicker, wider and longer 4) I have the multistation charger and the phone with the shell on doesn't fit it.

    So I'm cruising eBay for a new holster. I search for motorola droid case leather. After scanning tons of them, I see "factory VZ leather case for Driod". I check it out and it's not what I'm looking for. However, when I read down the listing I see a number of phones including "Blackberry Curve 8330". Not being TOO stupid, I make the connection, grab the BB case out of the VZ bag of goodies and sure enough, with the shell case off the Droid - it's a perfect fit. The case was a leather, magnetic catch BB Curve 8330 case from Alltel. Didn't like the BB, loved the case. Love the Driod so far, hated the shell case. Took one from the other and love the BB case and Droid. Sweet.

    Thought I'd post that as my first post to help someone else with a similar delemia.

    Steve Aikens
    Clovis, NM
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