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    I just had a friend ask me to look at something on his D1. He was being asked to input his IMEI to opt-out of some Air Push SPAM/malware thing.

    Air Push has been out awhile, but you may not have encountered it yet. You should be aware of a couple things in response to odd prompts on your phone.

    1. If something on your phone asks for your IMEI or ESN, be suspicious. I'm not saying anything new here, something that wants you to enter information--especially information that isn't usual--should cause your short-n-curlies to stand up a bit.
    2. There is an app in the market that purports to detect which apps use Air Push called AirPush detector. If you use this, make sure you down-vote the apps on the market and note in your remarks that the app uses Air Push to SPAM you. Then uninstall the app from your phone and look for an alternative if need be.

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