After partitiioning sd card?

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    I rooted my dInc with UnRevoked & 4ever and am now running SkyRaider 3.0 Sense (seems stable & fast) and I see that there's an update available to SR Sense 3.1 RC3 - so I figure now is a good time to us ROM Manager to create an Ext partition for Apps on my 16G Kingston Class 10 SD card - although I've been using App2SD successfully w/o partitioning the card.
    So, I did nandroid & Titanium backups and copied my entire card to a folder on my PC.

    My first question is what size ext partition should I choose? (I do currently have a ton of apps -but will be paring down to a leaner machine with fewer redundant apps). Also, what swap size do you suggest?
    2nd, Which folders and files do I want to copy from the SD Card folder on my PC to the ext partition on my card. Then all the rest to the main partition?
    Then, do I just replace the card and run the update with a full wipe?
    I already have the Goodies installed but will I want to d/l the newest kernel?
    Lastly, which of Titaniums' batch restore scenarios do I finish up with?
    I realize there are numerous ways to go on this but I'm hoping you folks have some experieince you can share before I make any major changes to a phone that's really running pretty well.
    I haven't gotten into overclocking - so far :)
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