After I rooted my droid

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    So I gain access to root my droid by following this guy
    Guide to Rooting Android 2.1 on a Motorola Droid - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog
    after that I successfully gain access to root my droid and went into rom manager to download bugless beast v1.1 after i got that downloaded and installed everything work fine but I went to milestone overclock to overclock my droid a bit and it said I need a root so I went to titanium backup and it shows Root access=> ok (busybox 1.16.2 from system) and I'm pretty sure all the root access aps work, Is this fine or is their a way I can get the root back to use milestone overclock or does it really matter now that my droid has 8 windows I can slide through on my home screen.:icon_ banana: