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    Now saying Windows 7 is the greatest OS ever made might be a bit wrong (even thought I can argue it is), but I am sure saying ADW Launcher is one of the best free UI's out there is agreeable by most. With that in mind, our member droijo has created a new theme for it, that brings what I think is the best OS ever made, Windows 7, and ADW Launcher all into one device. This theme has many Windows 7 aspects, like the wallpaper for one, the bottom bar, the app button, and folder icons. The theme doe not stop there, it was released just last week and already today it is updated to V3. Sadly the developer did not include a change log, but I am sure you can still enjoy the experience without it.

    Here is the original post:
    I do not know about you, but I am already on my way to get this. Follow me on the thread, and get yourself a copy... Now!
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