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Discussion in 'Android Themes' started by SkullOne, Nov 30, 2010.

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    I'm working on an ADW Theme but I'm running into issues with the drawable HDPI.

    I've spent quite a few hours creating my icons based on loop4zil's Sticker style icons here: I spent even more time pulling out all the names from the APK files to make these damn things work only to find some of the images conflict with each other?

    For instance i get this:

    res\drawable-hdpi\com.keramidas.titaniumbackup.mainactivity.png:0: error: Resource entry com is already defined.

    res\drawable-hdpi\com.androidemu.snes.mainactivity.png:0: Originally defined here.

    If I remove the Titanium Backup png from the drawable folder the SNES one then works. If I remove SNES then Titanium Backup works. I have quite a few icons that are like that and it is making me quite mad so any help would be greatly appreciated before I put my keyboard through my monitor.

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