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    I have the Eclipse 1.5 ROM installed. I want to install or reinstall Google Play Services, and possibly the old market app before it was Google Play.

    The problem I have is that my Paid version of Weatherbug stopped working after the last update. So now the radar does not work. It gives me an error saying unknown issue with Google Play Services. I've emailed tech support and they said I have to uninstall and reinstall google play (which I've done), and also make sure google play services are enabled.... I can't tell if they're even installed because the menus on Eclipse are different than stock, and therefore my instructions from Weatherbug tech support are in the wrong direction. They tell me to uninstall Google play, then go to the "Market" app and tell it to upgrade to Google play. I'm supposed to do that, OR tell it to uninstall previous updates to Google play and then reinstall them. I'm also supposed to do this with google maps as well. From what I can tell, Eclipse has a lot of Bloatware removed and some file is missing that Weatherbug is looking for.
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