*Advanced technical* Tried to swap li-ion cell- What the heck just happened??

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    I have/had a bh5x battery that was starting to stop working. It would be at 5% power by 4pm when used normally.

    I also have a Prodicell extended battery I bought a while ago and it didn't work. I asked on here about it and nobody ever replied. Well today I took a multimeter and measured it. View attachment 52342

    ^That's what the readings were. Looking at that, I thought it was strange my phone turned on at all with the prodicell battery. It turned on and got to the home screen for 2 seconds and then shuts off as if I pulled the battery.

    So anyway I took both of these batteries apart. The goal was to take the li-ion container from the prodicell battery and hook it up to the circuit in the bh5x battery to make the outputs right. WAY easier said then done. It would only work with reversed polarity! Now if I were to mark it correctly, the battery would of looked like this.
    View attachment 52343
    Note the "+" and "-" are in different places. If I soldered the wires on the li-ion cell the other way, (the way it's supposed to be and was on the bh5x's before I took it apart), there would be no power at all supplied to any of the four output leads as if there were some sort of protection in there. After messing with that for hours, I got sick of messing with it and decided to put the bh5x cell back on to the bh5x's circuit. Now it would only go on reversed. I did nothing to the internal circuit. I only connected wires and tried to get it to work.

    After trying to get it back for a few hours I gave up and thought that maybe I saw it wrong the first time. So I put it on there and tried to start my phone.

    Well can you guess what happened?

    If you guessed the battery started smoking and went into flames you are correct.

    Good thing I had insurance on my phone. Shame i'll probably lose my unlimited data though :p

    Does anybody know why it did that? Not why it fried my battery but why it wouldn't work if I connected the wires correctly after I detached it. What the actual f***? Could they be purposefully making these batteries tamper-proof so people will be forced to buy an expensive new battery from a company that charges you more than it's really worth? You can buy bare 3000mah li-ion cells for down to $6 each. That's almost twice the power for a about 1/10th of Verizon's retail price of a bh6x. It makes you wonder.
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