Adobe Android Summit is Go…(1st Half) Got this off of Droid Lifes twitter

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    And we’re here at Adobe HQ. Updates and goodies on the way…
    9:37AM – First up is a Flash 10.1 overview/intro from Anup:
    Current devices…
    -Nexus One, HTC Desire, HTC EVO, and DROID 2.
    On future delivery to devices…
    -OTA updates: content triggered downloads, system software updates, and via on-device app catalogs (Android Market).
    -Ship pre-installed like on Droid 2
    Adobe AIR overview/intro…
    -Support for Android is coming in Q4 2010.
    -No word just yet on how it will be introduced.
    Digital Video and TV Delivery overview/intro:
    -Delivery: HD video and allow playback of online content through your television.
    -Gaming: Bringing Flash games to TVs.
    10:05:AM - Paul Betlem Director of Flash Player…
    Release Goals/Focus:
    -Performance and battery life
    -Usability and user experience
    -Existing content compatibility
    -Deliver new capabilities
    -Partner collboaration


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