Additional suggestions to help extend battery life?

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid 4' started by kenji91, May 15, 2012.

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    Like many others here, I've struggled with tweaks and settings to try to maximize the use between charges for my new Droid 4. I think that a big part of the equation that is overlooked is how someone uses their phone. I use my phone mainly throughout the day for staying in touch with friends and family (mostly texting, the occasional Facebook/Twitter/Instagram update).

    First, a little history... I have a D4 with Eclipse 1.3 (2.3.6, 6.13.219), obviously rooted. I have JuiceDefender (I know, I know), ROM Toolbox, SetCPU, Android Overclock, and QuickClock. And no, I am not using them all at the same time. What I like about JuiceDefender is the option to lower the overall "curve" of the brightness of the phone. The default Droid auto-brightness feature seems to be set a little higher than I'd like it. And we all know how much juice the screen uses.

    I've tried over/underclocking as well as undervolting (on my stock rooted ROM, not Eclipse because I can't figure out how to change the VSELs on it, but that's another issue entirely).

    I've messed with Kernel tweaks, build.prop tweaks, auto start manager, and auto memory manager in ROM Toolbox.

    I always leave my WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS off unless I'm actively using them. My Sync is on and the brightness is currently being controlled by JuiceDefender (set to -20%, 30%, and 80%). When it's not, I set it on the lowest setting at night and auto-brightness during the day.

    Can anyone give me any additional tips? I'm assuming that while WiFi might give substantial benefits both battery and speed-wise, it wouldn't do much good during text messaging. Would allowing JuiceDefender to disable my mobile data when the screen is off help, even if it will likely have to be re-enabled within a few minutes?

    Help! :)

    Sorry if this belongs in the Hacks forum, but I just figured the general user could learn something from a thread like this and become a frequent flyer in the Hacks forum. :)
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