Add Live Local TV To Your Android TV With HD Home Run

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    In order to fully cut the cable you need a good local channel solution. You could buy an antenna for each TV and hang it in a window. If you do that you will need to switch away from your Android TV interface to surf the channels on your TV. There is a much cleaner option with the HD Home Run. With this device you simply set up one antenna near your router and the HD Home Run feeds local channels right into your home internet network.

    To access these live local channels for free all you have to do is download an app to your Android TV. They even have DVR software which can be purchased separately so you can record your favorite TV shows and sports events for watching later. They have different devices for different setups, but the CONNECT includes 2 tuners so you can watch live TV on two devices at a time. This seems to be the perfect device for grabbing those live channels for the cord cutter.

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    2 tuners for $100 or 2 antennas for $20...
    I don't have a problem hitting input/source button on remote to switch from live TV to htpc.
    Also, Android TV is way too limited in content compared to Windows htpc.