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    Add a ringtone to an Android phone
    Although it may seem very simple, sometimes adding a ringtone to our Android proves more complex than you think. If we drag a ringtone file onto our device, it often mixes with music files and becomes quite difficult to track down and manage.
    But just take a couple of tricks to be able to perform this action in peace.

    - Connect the memory card to the PC. the connection can be made via micro SD adapter or USB cable.
    - From "Computer", open the path that leads to your Android phone.
    - Inside, create a new folder and name it "Ringtonaes"
    - Open at this point the path (the folder) of your PC on which you have saved your ringtones. NOTE that this process will be much easier if you have taken care to save your ringtone files in a dedicated folder, where they are not mixed with other files
    - Drag the ringtone files into the folder named "Ringtones" on your Android phone - the one you created earlier ...: bashful:
    - From the Menu of your Android phone, go to "Audio Settings" and look for the "Ringtones" menu - this procedure may be slightly different for each model; of course, if you have a display set in English, look for the "Ringtones" menu -
    - Scroll through the list of ring tones until you find the one you want to use.

    If you do not find the ringtones you just added, the obvious solution is to reboot the phone, as Android devices search for new files during the boot process.
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    In play market lot of free apps to make a ringtone for your device
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