Adam, I have a question for you.

Discussion in 'Adamz' started by Matth3w, Mar 14, 2010.

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  1. Matth3w

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    Can you inform people how they can modify your Smoked Glass theme res? I would PM you but am more interested in getting the info out there.

    When I try to modify the framework-res.apk with Metamorph the phone reboots. If I do it manually (ie - replacing the images with new images) and use root explorer to overwrite the framework, the phone immediately goes black and when I do a battery pull and reboot it gets stuck on the M logo.

    FYI I'm using BB v.7 with your Smoked Glass theme applied. I'm trying to install the RoundBatteryIcon theme in Metamorph.
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    Matt3w take this to PM please. Also I think Adamz hasn't been around here for a few days.
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