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    OK. I have what I think to be a fairly unique problem that I am hoping someone out there can help solve for me.

    I have a spare droid A855 that I need to be able to connect to the internet, for which I have to cell service

    Here's the tricky part. Its in my car

    What I have done, is bought a ABDII Bluetooth adapter for my car, so it connects to my phone and reads all the live engine data to gauges on the phone through the app torque. its pretty neat.

    What this means is that I am going to have my droid in the car at all times, on a car mount, and wanted to also be able to use it as a permanent GPS. the only problem is that I have to internet for Google maps to use. So what I wanted to do was to use my droid Charge which has service as a mobile hotspot and connect my A855 to the charge through the WiFi.

    Sooooo... I went through the trouble, and was able to root both phones. now I've set up barnacle tether on the charge, and found out that I cant connect my A855 to it due to some limitations of Ad Hoc connectivity of the droids.

    I have read other threads regarding this, and have found no solution. Mostly just people remarking that its a ridiculous concept to connect one phone to another. I do have a legitimate reason, and want it to auto connect to my Charge every time i step into my car

    maybe this has been answered and I just haven't spent enough hours pouring over the info, and I am hoping that someone out there with a smart brain and kind heart will be able to help.

    Please if you know of any possible solutions (that wont cost me a lot of money), let me know

    Thanks to all of you and all that have posted in the past to help me overcome my other problems that I have had
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