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    Can you not decide what to do at the weekend, or how to spend a week-day night? Leave it to our application!

    It will help you to choose the right activity for you. Try the ACTIVITY PLANNER, a mobile application which will fill up your days with various activities. With our application you will have fun, it will inspire you and help you to improve yourself, or to do activities you have never done before.

    The aim of this application is to advice you, or to inspire you to do various activities at times when you do not know what to do, or when you have no plans for the weekend etc. There are 100 made up activities in the application, which you can randomly generate, save between your own activities to a relevant day (look back at what you have saved and eventually to repeat the activity), or to share it to facebook or twitter. If there is interest and this application gets popular, we will be developing more and more activities to inspire people to do various activities. There are several sentences to brood over too.

    In short, this is an application, which generates you an activity and based on that you will decide to either do it, or not. This is somewhat of an advisor when you donĀ“t know what to do.

    You can view this application here: