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    Hey guys, having some technical troubles on my Droid Charge, and thought maybe DroidForums could help me out! Long story short, I had the Charge for a year, upgraded to the s3, dropped my s3 and shattered the screen, and had to go back to my charge last month. Yesterday I dropped my charge in the toilet. I've gone to work by cleaning the phone, put it in rice, scrubbed out the corrosion and all of that. But my digitzer wont work. I can even unlock the phone. My problem is that I use Mobile Hotspot as the main source of internet where I am, (thank god I have unlimited data, 30 gigabytes a month is a lot!) and now not having it is killing me. Is there any way I can connect the phone to my computer and turn on mobile hotspot in that fashion? I cant use the touch screen, and USB debugging is enabled. Thanks much!
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