accessing internal storage on droid with broken screen

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    Please help. Droid Razr. The screen is broken and I would really like to get to a note taking app on the phone. I have hooked the phone via usb to laptop. The only thing I have access to is pictures. Two files come up: 'Internal Storage' and 'External Storage'. Both of these have files called DCIM going in to these and it says '0 files'. The note taking app on the phone is called "Extensive Note". There has got to be some way to get there, it's in the phone. I have tried MyMobiler and all it says is it can't connect to my phone. I've seen some suggestions and ideas on-line but they use so many terms and abbreviations that I am unfamiliar with that they are of no use to me. I have anew Razr coming from Verizon on Tuesday, so that's not a problem. The next thing I think I'll try is call the NSA and/or CIA 1-800 number and ask them to tap into my phone, maybe I can bribe them with some cheese doodles or Reese's Pieces.
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