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    I just purchased the Droid X for my husband and myself. Before activating mine, I played around with his to see if I could use the phone. I am visually impaired and require specific display settings. VZW never allows me to see the phones before I purchase, with the assurance "You can always return it".

    What I need from the Droid X is the following:
    *High contrast colors -- preferably light font on a darker background. Some of the menus have this already; however, the browser and other apps do not.
    *Larger text -- The browser allows me to zoom; however, the menus and such do not. The zoom feature under accessibility is moot as well. The small "bar" and + - boxes are harder to see than the default font!

    I have enough vision to render screen speaker more annoying than helpful. Though I am pleased that this is an option!

    We've downloaded th larger keyboard, which is wonderful. We've tried "Spare Parts", but the enlarged fonts do not last beyond that app. We have also tried biggerhome app (which enlarges the menu icons), and the free version did not work; the paid version crashed his phone.

    Is there anything, anyone can help me with? I do like the idea of the Droid X, and am so sad that I may not be able to use it. Any help would be most appreciated.

    Thank you kindly,
    J Maxwell

    I've been researching this issue for a while now. I'd appreciate any help; however, if you have not used an app and are not sure if it will work please don't get my hopes up. I cannot afford to keep buying buggy apps! But if you have tried an app and it has worked wonderfully (or well enough) please let me know. I will gladly pay for true accessibility! Thank you again.
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