Absolute Blocks

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    Absolute Blocks

    New game from Herocraft

    Download full: android market

    Here is the most famous game of all time! Now it includes online high scores and achievements. Totally free!


    You know the score, there are various shaped pieces falling which you should rotate to complete lines and earn points. Everyone knows this kind of game so now it is totally free. You can download it and then share AbsoluteTris with friends via Bluetooth. Take a chance to compete with the whole world in online high score tables and try to get a full set of original game achievements.
    AbsoluteTris - test yourself with the freest game in the world.

    Game features:

    the game is totally free
    expanded worldwide high-scores
    share the game with friends via bluetooth
    increasing difficulty
    classic gameplay
    runs on almost every Java-enabled mobile phone
    plenty of achievements
    pleasant graphics and lively music

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    Download: android market