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    After releasing BravoSE which is a client application to search Android apps, GTS department, with its solid technology accumulation, will finish the development of iBravoSE.com with GO Launcher Dev Team. iBravoSE.com is global cross-platform app search service integrated with special recommendations, scenario-based personalization and accurate search engine.

    Beside finding apps according to their tittles, descriptions or categories, users can also search apps that they want based on their functions, for example you can type read news, make friends, network traffic monitoring, map navigation, NBA live, etc. iBravoSE just offer app search for Android OS now, but such search service for iOS、Windows and web apps will be supported in future. iBravoSE.com will help you find wonderful apps that you exactly need.

    The first version of the website will be released soon, please pay close attention to iBravoSE.com.
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