A Theme For the Ladies! Punk Pink for any Rom supporting CM9 Theme Manager @Kejar31

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    Guys, if your wife or significant other gets super annoyed by your hobby this Theme may be for you. My wife doesn't always like the fact that i sink lots of time into Rooting, Romming, and Hacking my phone. You would be surprised though at just how far adding a theme like this to her device can get you! She may not be overjoyed or even incredibly impressed, but she will be happy to know that you have at least included her into your hobby. The Punk Rock Pink theme is developed by Kejar31 who has become very popular as the head of team Gummy! This theme has left no rock unturned. You will find that the Framework, settings, dialer, contacts, gapps, and much more have been themed.

    To install this theme you must be running a Rom that includes the CM9 theme chooser engine like Gummy, AOKP or CM9. This theme goes for $1.25 in the market but is well worth it in my opinion even if it only buys you a very small portion of understanding from your spouse who hates your dorky hobby :)

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