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Discussion in 'HTC Rezound' started by Fastbird, Jan 1, 2012.

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    THis is for the developers who are working with the Rezound without fail, and especially for rainabba over on XDA who's guide I used today to unlock the bootloader, root my Rezound, and install Ziggy's kernel on it. Holy cow does this baby move now! And it was fast before! I'd be giving props over there, but I can't register an account as my phone is verizon (obviously) and my home internet is via a 3g Verizon hotspot/wifi connector (I'm out in the sticks, cut me some slack, lol).

    I decided NOT to install a ROM quite yet though, as I want to wait until there's some very stable and time proven ROMs out there. I did use NoBLoat Free to uninstall a bunch of VZW crapola, and I'm just going to use Go Launcher and my other preferred stuff on the stock ROM, and use AutoSTarts to lock the sense stuff down until I decide what to uninstall.

    Again, thanks to everyone who has been working on this phone!!!!