A Music Player To Please Your Ears And Your Eyes

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    So you're a huge music fan and are addicted to your music player whole day, but are tired of the same old look of your music player? Need something which HOLO and which kind feels slick and smooth? Well your in the right place then, today in this article I will be reviewing a new music player on the play store. Nex Music is the new kid on the block and it seems be doing pretty well considering it is still in beta. So I decided to check it out and decide for myself how it performs.

    The moment I opened the app for the 1st time, I was impressed the sleek and intuitive UI. Yes, it looks even better and sleeker than the Google Music app. The UI takes cues from the new Card UI and also utilizes the HOLO theme making it look really very neat and clean. One of the best interfaces I have seen. It is very straightforward and simple. No fuss or complex stuff, didn’t need to search for anything. The nice colours used in the app makes it a pleasure to look at. There are a few animations as well, which in my opinion are subtle and make the experience better. To top it all, the music player is completely skin-able making it personalized for each user. This feature in my view is the biggest feature it has, allowing users to heavily modify the look and feel.

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