A little help with all these ROM's please.

Discussion in 'Android Roms' started by mbost, Jun 6, 2011.

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    Hello yall.
    Im pretty new to the whole droid thing, as I received my first droid (a Droid 2 Global) on friday.

    Since I received it Ive already made the following mod's-
    -Rooted (Z4Root)

    -Battery Monitor Free (Love the way it shows batt info in the upper bar)
    -Battery Monitor Widget (love its info but doesnt include a external cue)
    -Gemini App Manager
    -Root Uninstaller (removed or froze those pesky stock apps :) )
    -Wired Tether
    -Wireless Tether

    The phones info-
    -System version- 2.4.330.A956.Verizon.en.US
    -Kernel Version- xrpk47@il93lnxdroid25 #1
    -Baseband Version- N_01.48.05R

    So far im very impressed with my battery life. I have the oversized aftermarket battery (3500 mAh) and have the following stats so far. About 10-12 hours from 100% to 15%. Using wireless, sat, bluetooth all enabled full time. about 3 hours total phone call time, constant texting, 30 minute update intervals for facebook, myspace, email (3 email accounts), weather, and news. and pretty much constant application download, install and (if it dont work right) un-install. lol

    However, I keep seeing all these ROM's and am interested in what they are achieving. But, I cant find one that seems to be written for the Droid 2 Global, and keep hearing that the Global's code differs slightly from the OG droid code. So a few questions have perculated to the top of my brain.
    -Does installing the OG droid ROM's cause a problem on the global?
    -Are there ROM's specific for the Global?
    -Who writes for the Global?
    -What ROM seems to be the best for Battery life and stays stable?

    Ive already downloaded SBF 2.4.29 Full and RSD Lite 4.9, Android SDK, and the updated Motorola Drivers. But havent used them yet. Wanting to get these questions answered before I take the chance on screwing up my phone.

    Any recommendations for app's, apk's, or anything else will be received with much happyness and, most likely, a detailed review after i try it out for a while.

    A little background on myself. I have been an Ubuntu Linux dev/beta tester for several years, so my linux knowledge is sound enough to tackle the droid... I hope. :) And just so yall know, everything I do from a computer is going to be in Ubuntu, I do not run windows as it turns my computer into a useless toaster (you old red hats will understand).

    Anyway, thanks in advance. Ive already learned a lot about my droid from this forum and the many users on it. You guys are great. Keep it up. dancedroid
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    A droid2 forum will have more answers for you. Good luck
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