A few questions after rooting my Droid

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    Hello to all, this is my first post. I got my Moto Droid maybe three weeks ago, but I am not new to Android (former G1 owner). I got it rooted using SuperOneClick, and that went perfectly.

    However, I'm having a few lingering issues that Google isn't able to solve for me. Hopefully someone can help:

    1) I seem to only be able to access ClockworkMod (or SP) recovery on the first reboot after I install it. I tried both using ROM Manager from the Market. This is kind of hard to explain so I'll just tell you the steps I've taken:

    -Install either ClockworkMod or SP Recovery using ROM Manager installed from the market.

    -Reboot the phone holding down the letter x.

    -Phone comes up with appropriate modded recovery manager.

    -Reboot again, allowing Android to boot up as normal.

    -Once Android is warmed up, I reboot (yet) again holding down the letter x.

    At this point my recovery manager is back to stock. The modded recovery managers don't seem to want to 'stick' and it's driving me nuts. For whatever it's worth, I can reproduce this 100% of the time.

    2) What ROM would you guys recommend for those looking to stay as close to vanilla Android as possible? I'm especially not a fan of third party launchers. I care more about stability, battery life, speed (in that order) over anything else.

    Thanks for any and all advice.
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