91 PC Suite - Windows Android Management Console Console

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    91 PC Suite - Windows Android Management Console

    For those of us who have longed for a Windows based console to aqccess our android phones - PandaApp's 91 PC Suite is a real diamond-in-the-rough. http://download.pandaapp.com/?app=soft&controller=android&action=show&psys=&f_id=1595

    This free program provides elegant access and control of your phones' Files, Docs, Media, Photos, Apps, email, SMS, Calendars, Contacts, Bookmarks, Ringtones, Wallpapers, Settings - well, you get the idea. It also provides simple backup and screenshot functions. Sounds awesome, hunh? The catch is . . . [​IMG]

    First you have to fight your way through some daunting Chinese (even the EULA agreement for download is only in Chinese). Then, when 91 PC Suite is installed, you have to click on the phone icon in the upper left corner and select English (the 3rd sub-menu item in the 3rd menu item). Then, a lot (but nowhere near all) of the program turns English.[​IMG]

    The next step is to USB connect your phone to your PC - making sure that debugging is enabled - as is USB Charge Only (if you wanna see your SD card. Then the program does some updates and installs a phone-specific Daemon [​IMG] on your phone -and you're all set[​IMG]

    I only played with 91 PC Suite for about an hour and I'm sure I haven't even dented its potential. There's a 20 page manual at PC Suite for Android Guide - Android Download Center

    Still there are Chinese obstacles everywhere - like the apps names are in English but the descriptions and the potential updates are Chinese - but it looks like there may be a lot of stuff you won't find in T.H.E. Market.

    PandaApp (which seems to be the storefront for NetDragon app & game developers) did give us the much more ready-for-primetime PandaHome app - a pretty sweet home replacement/theme development app. When I posted my issues with PC Suite on their forum - they replied that they're working on it and that the more folks who d/l the program, the sooner it'll happen.
    Check it out and let's hear your thoughts on this potentially very sweet suite.
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