.901 and signal strength/reliability.

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    For me, the .901 update has pleasantly solved the signal and reception issue I have in my area. Before the update, I would have signal strength in the lower -100's to upper -90's, now with this update it's settled in the low -80 currently -84.

    The area I live in, rosedale NY. Has the worst signal/reception for any carrier and any phone, that goes for ATT, Sprint, MetroPCS, and with Verizon its always downgrading 3G to 1x, with no chance of seeing a steady 4G signal. This is with any phone I have used, including my OG Droid 1 from Motorola.

    Currently I have not lost 4G, also while connected on a phone call, I can still use 4G at a very reasonable speed.
    I have also been using the .901 for almost 3 weeks now.

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