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  1. hellriper

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    Oct 30, 2012
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    We(Droid-Bros) have released our seconds app on playstore - 8-Puzzle OR search for Droid-Bros on playstore.

    8-Puzzle is a tile based game, where the tiles can be moved vertically or horizontally based on a certain condition. To win you have to reach the Goal State.

    Why should I download this particular 8-Puzzle app?

    There are so many apps on the market for 8-Puzzle. Some of them don't even give you valid configurations to solve(only half of the combinations are solvable). We ensure that when you press the shuffle button, you get a valid, solvable puzzle.
    Moreover, this app includes a Solution for every for all the 8-Puzzles. So you can see the solution with minimum number of moves. This app also includes a Puzzle Solver, where the user can drag and drop to create his/her own puzzle. Then it finds a solution with minimum moves for the created puzzle!

    SC20121107-144307.png SC20121107-144316.png SC20121107-144324.png

    We would appreciate, if you could download and review it

    Thanks and Regards
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