7.9 inch Retina Screen: FNF iFive Mini 3GS Experience Video !

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    Recently ifive launched their first octa core processor phone call tablet - ifive mini 3GS, the most eye-catching place of this tablet is a level of retina display resolution, 7.9 -inch IPS screen resolution of 2048 * 1536, from the mainstream 1920 * 1200 resolution up to the distance, then how about the ifive mini3GS fluency , take a look at the machine's experience of evaluating video:


    Through ifive mini 3GS experience video we can see, the basic operation of fluency is guaranteed, moreover daily to watch video, video games and so on the performance of the good.

    Ifive mini3GS USES the Android 4.42 system, with 2 gb of RAM and 16 g eMMC, built-in 4050 ma battery and 5000000 megapixel camera , support unicom 3g network, OTG with dual-band WIFI, and other functions.

    Now Ifive mini 3GS In Stock in Spemall ready for shipping ! Price is $219.99 .



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