7.1 Coming to a Nexus near you

Discussion in 'Nexus 6P by Huawei' started by pc747, Oct 11, 2016.

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    If you have a nexus and are signed up to be a beta tester then you can get an early preview of 7.1 soon according to Google. Looks like Google is using the nexus phones for what they were designed for, a ground for development and testing software.

    For Google to truly be on par with Apple they are going to have to kick out updates to their older devices and not just early previews. When the latest software is release on the iPhone 7 the iPhone 6s and 6 get the update the same day.

    Source: Coming soon: Android 7.1 Developer Preview | Android Developers Blog
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    I can't decide whether to stay in the beta or not. After some of the issues I had with early previews for Nougat, I'm leaning towards leaving and waiting until this is stable. But, it's just an incremental upgrade, so hopefully it won't be as buggy.

    The other thing keeping me from jumping out of the beta right now is that I went to unenroll yesterday just to see what would happen and I'm getting the warning that they'll send an OTA update that wipes the device again, like they did during the previews of Nougat. What I don't get is that they stopped that when the stable version hit the beta channel. I'm curious to see whether they're actually sending the update again, but don't have time lately to set my phone back up again after I just fdr'd it when I switched back from the Moto Z.