500 Firepaper Breaks Up With 500px

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    The 500 firepaper app by Chainfire has always been a very useful app for any and all Android devices. It allows you to pretty much never have to look at the same wallpaper. The app automatically rolls through a list of 500 high quality images. These images come from a service called 500px.

    Chainfire has always given the app away for free with a donated version which allows you to pin a photo you like for 7 days. The free version allowed you to pin the photo for 24 hours. To make a long story short 500px is no longer happy with providing the images for the 500 firepaper app and has started watermarking the images even though they are being paid by Chainfire. Chainfire has decided to end the partnership. This means that the paid features will no longer be available to new users. Only users who had purchased the app before will be able to pin the images for 7 days. There will still be a paid version of the app, but it only includes the free features.

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    I used IFTT to do something similar once.
    Had it set to load NASA's photo of the day as your wallpaper. It was really cool.
    Sucks that 500 decided to do this with the watermark.

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