50% off on all games as Speedx reaches 50,000 downloads

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    We are very pleased that Speedx 3D has just exceeded the 50,000 downloads threshold, a feat that only few paid Android apps have managed so far.

    Two Speedx screenshots:



    As this is a major milestone, we wish to celebrate and would like players to join in the fun.

    Speedx is now even more 3D! We’ve added a special experimental mode which allows the player to experience enhanced 3D with green-magenta or cyan-red glasses.

    AND we’re slashing the prices of all our apps. All HyperBees apps can be bought half price for 48 hours starting from Thursday 25 November 8 AM EST (1 PM GMT, i.e. London time).

    Here is the QR code for all our games on Android Market:


    Have fun!
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