4g to 3g to Nothing

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    Yes, I know it's big topic here but the most reliable network ain't so reliable.

    I'd have 4g then it'd switch to 3g then disappear. I restarted the phone and would get 4g back starting the whole process again.

    Called Verizon Tier 2 and she admitted that Motorola is aware of the problem and an update is on its way at the end of November. Oh wait! That's now isn't it (guffaw)!

    The VZW rep did give me a tip. instead of shutting the phone off and waiting for a reboot, go to airplane mode turn it on, wait for the plane to show in the status bar then turn airplane mode off. She said this should restore the 4g.

    Well, we'll see

    Just wanted to share this tidbit.
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