4G Tablet Data on a Sony Smartphone

Discussion in 'Verizon Wireless' started by squeak, May 6, 2014.

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    I hate Verizon, I have a high monthly bill for my wife and I, and I would really like a Nexus or GPE device. VZW is my only option for decent coverage in my area. I've considered going to T-Mo and relying on WiFi calling, but I just can't see it being a reliable solution. That brings me to my question: Can a pre-activated sim card from a tablet data plan be used in a smartphone if it supports the correct 4G frequencies? Specifically the Sony Z Ultra GPE. I know this method was used to activate 4G Nexus 7s before Verizon allowed them on their network. I know VZW uses the 700 block for LTE and the Z Ultra is listed as supporting that frequency. I have heard that the 700 block is divided into different sections, and I don't know if this phone supports all of those sections, or just one. If it could be made to work I could use VoIP and free texting apps to have a much lower monthly bill. So, what do you guys think? Is it possible?