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    1. 4G only/ I had the Thunderbolt and I used the lte onoff switcher to be able to switch the from 3g/4g, but only option I really like was I could I switch it to LTE only (no 3g) I can't stand it when I want it to stay on 4g and it switches to 3g for no reason. I put it on the droid 4 and when I see the list of options for GSM and other things but if I put it on gsm only it turns off the radio. (there isn't a lte option.) the question is, does anyone know how I can make it stay on 4g and 4g only?

    2. Is there any custom rom, I really don't like the moto blur or OS on the droid 4. I like the HTC better. There is things on the MOTO that just seems stupid to make it like that.

    3. What is the benefit of rooting the phone, as in features?
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